Hiring in the Age of AI: Is your company ready for an AI-Driven Economy?

The integration of AI into companies isn’t a zero-sum game where machines win, and humans lose. If done right, AI technologies have the potential to accelerate operational efficiencies, increase revenue, and automate the world of discovery. But you can’t do it without a plan, and you can’t plan if you don’t understand how AI can be put to work for you. As business becomes increasingly data-driven, the effectiveness of your AI strategy hinges on if you have the right business outcomes and the right team to deploy your plan.

About Edoardo De Martin

Edoardo De Martin is a leading figure in Canada’s tech industry. He’s held senior leadership roles at global tech giants like Microsoft and Electronic Arts where he scaled talented teams and successful companies from hundreds to thousands.

His company, Industrio AI, specializes in turning AI theory into operational reality, navigating forward-thinking companies toward AI maturity. Whether you’re leading an emerging startup or helming a Fortune 500 company, Edoardo will help you rethink your business’s data and arm you with the strategies you need to make AI an actionable, valuable part of your business plan.